The Open / Oven
830 E Chambers St 
Milwaukee WI, 53212

A Summer Tea Ceremony
Saturday August 18, 2018 noon-5pm

Galia Basail-Mulcahy
Gorditas de horno
6-8pm Saturday, August 11, 2018
in collaboration with Open Kitchen and Microlights

Za'atar Talamee
by Dana and Alexis Bassett
7:30-9:30pm Friday March 23, 2018

Cowboy Decaf 
with Lush and Crossface Coffee 
by Marcia Taylor and Joe Thrasher
7-9pm January 11, 2018

Sun Foot
The Room Tones
& Chris Johanson's Gourmet on a Dime
7pm September 18, 2017

Zoo Heev Sausage
Renato Umali (Umali Awards) and Johnny Hunter (Underground Butcher)
3pm August 26, 2017 at The Oven Milwaukee
will be served at the 16th Annual Umali Awards, semiformal attire suggested

Lucky Happy Psychic Multi-generation Mochi Project
1pm July 11, 2017 at ACRE 

Broodthaers' to Peer Film Screening with Muscles
Ben Balcom and Richard Galling
Sundown June 21, 2017

PIOpen Kitchen 

Corny-Piquante Three-Course After-Taste 

8:30pm June 16, 2017 

Peter Sandroni and Gilly Petrovic with vessels by Shelby Page
April 1 3-5pm, 2017

Evelyn Patricia Terry

Evelyn's American Pie

Guests Who Came to Dinner and Communed with President Obama's Red, White and Blue Patriotic Pie
Celebrating many good things about America, universal communion and the love often surrounding nurturing food, Evelyn's American Pie serves as a healing conduit through troubling times and through prosperity. Dating back to 1992, Evelyn Patricia Terry has baked this pie for many of her exhibition receptions and all Terry McCormick Contemporary Fine and Folk Art Gallery receptions hosted in her home. In 2008 she named the pie after Barack Hussein Obama when he was elected President as she was preparing this strawberry, apple and blueberry treat. And now it will go through a new incarnation as it is baked in a hand built oven and shared. 

February 107-9pm, 2017
see also The Outlet, opening at the same time

Thanksgiving Leftover Pasties / Election Support Group
(bringing your own leftovers welcome, to be stuffed on site)
Amanda Tullefson
November 27, 2016 6-9pm, 2016

Parisian-style Street Nuts

Sara Caron
November 2, 2016 6-9pm, 2016

Testa del Diabolo su Letto Di Carbonio
October 29, 2016 7-10pm, 2016

Wisco Monte Cristo
August 28, 2016

Untitled: More Heat
Paul Anthony Smith